Meet The CitCap Numbers Guy: mhl.eth

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Raised in an entrepreneurial family, mhl.eth had ample opportunities to learn and hone his business skills. He grew up in a family that owned bars, restaurants, hotels, and multiple other ventures. They taught him how to work, save, and invest. As a young student, he had a knack for geometry, math, and science. His goal was to be an astronaut, but things changed, and while he’s still headed to the moon, it will be in the cryptoverse. 

At 17, he needed money so, like any teen, he could hang out with his friends and the ladies. Not one to ask family for money, he sold a gold necklace. The price he got was about 5 Bitcoin. mhl.eth suddenly had to figure out how to get his Bitcoin into Euro, and he was catapulted into the crypto industry headfirst. The year was 2015, and Bitcoin was about $200 USD. While trying to trade them on fishy websites, he managed to lose most of them. He felt he made a huge mistake, but he held on to the last Bitcoin and sold it in 2017 for about $15K USD. That led him to learn about Ethereum and the rest of the market. 

He became so immersed in the crypto world that, at the age of 19, he decided to pursue crypto full-time. He took his money, studied, and traded his way up. After investing with friends and mentors for a few years, he started advising projects and investors, which refined his research skills and gave him an in-depth understanding of projects from the inside out. The thing he loved the most was developing tokenomics. mhl.eth said, “I’d rather speak with numbers than anything else.”

Since April, he’s been a core team member of CitCap. When a friend introduced him to the project, .CONNECTED realized he was a tokenomics guy and absorbed him. If you’ve ever read the research report before tossing money into the vault, you’ve probably come across his analysis. He helps decide if the numbers are good and sustainable for the project. He’s also working on a DAO-driven AMM along with some other citizens.

In the meantime, mhl.eth decided to create his own consultancy, MHL Solutions. He was previously advising for three years, but never as a full-time job. This was his vision early on, and he’s tried to make himself valuable in the space to prove it. He will be launching in a couple days. 

MHL Solutions’ services are designed for project founders, helping them go-to-market, and for investors approaching the Web3 space for the first time. He understands that a lot of people have ideas, but going from concept to completion is not simple. They need an entire suite of reliable builders, and those people are hard to find, but MHL Solutions has collected some of the best in his blockchain consulting services company. In addition to Web3 consulting, he offers sessions for investors to help with market analysis. His research skills can be harnessed by founders to analyze the pros and cons of their project before launch.

MHL Solutions (@MHL_Solutions) / Twitter

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