MHL Solutions: Helping Investors and Founders Succeed in Web3

By: Flower83


Have you ever been in a situation where you’re trying to invest in a project, but you wish you could talk face-to-face with an expert before making a move? Is the projectโ€™s website confusing? Do you not know where to start and are buried beneath a mountain of information you do not know what to make of? Or perhaps you are just pressed for time and don’t want to look into it yourself? Well, there are solutions. Look no further than MHL Solutions. Lately, this one-man company has been grinding and setting up a business that is poised for a breakthrough in web3 research.

MHL Solutions is a web3 consulting firm specializing in tokenomics development for blockchain-based projects. Founded by an experienced advisor who has previously worked under Sublime Ventureโ€™s umbrella, MHL Solutions specializes in researching web3 projects, providing the necessary services for both investors to know what they are getting into and founders to build a product ready to go on the market. 

One of MHL Solutions’ specialties is shaping custom tokenomics based on clientsโ€™ needs and business models. When it comes down to numbers, mistakes can be very costly, and MHL Solutions has got you covered.ย 

Due to the nature of the web3 space, it is hard to find reliable builders who are prepared and willing to work to create a unique product. Many of them require a payment that may seem exaggerated, while others are not professionals. On top of this, the space is filled with bad actors looking to make a quick buck by building hype and often sacrificing the long-term sustainability of a project for short-term gains.

MHL Solutions solves this market problem by helping you avoid projects that are more likely not to return the investment, or manage your project and community before and after fundraising, as well as help you build your go-to-market strategy. They can also provide project analysis reports, helping you get to know your project or investment opportunity from the outside with an in-depth analysis performed by one of their reliable researchers in the web3 space.

Besides research, Mark (aka mhl.eth), the founder of MHL Solutions, is networking with potential clients and partners, ready to scale up and hire people in the future. So far, MHL Solutions has secured a lot of prominent partnerships, such as NGMI Lab, NT News, WebThreeConsulting, 4IRE OxytocinLabs, TokenPR, MetaMods, and others. 

MHL Solutions is also partnered with experienced builders in the web3 space, including content creators, social media managers, graphic designers, developers, gamers/beta-testers, and web3 lawyers to offer a comprehensive range of services to clients.

If you want to get a glimpse into the level of professionalism and attention to detail that they provide, you can read a few of the one-pagers on trendy topics and coins, which are readily available for free and posted regularly on Twitter. 

MHL Solutions manages to not only distill hours of research into an informative and insightful single page, but MHL also stylizes info into a true work of art as well. With this level of dedication and expertise, MHL Solutions is well-equipped to take on the challenges of the web3 space and become your research partner.


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