Understanding Web3 Experts and Authorities

By: DamonNeedsToCreate


Experts are defined as people with a deep and comprehensive understanding in a particular field. This is different from an Authority, who has the power to influence opinions, perceptions, the common terms, and / or community behaviors. 

Web3 is a young, global community space focused on technology, art, and finance. This draws in a lot of professionals from the business world, the tech sectors, art industry, and financial institutions. Many of which might be considered experts in their Web2 worlds, but their experience doesn’t translate one to one as an expert in Web3. 

In light of all the chaos happening right now around collapsing centralized exchanges, everyone I speak with is looking for answers. We want to hear the opinions of intelligent people that not only understand the details of what is happening to our world-wide community, but that have also earned our trust. This boils down to research, humility, reaching out to other smart people to pool brain power to discuss ideas and options, and not presenting partial information as whole facts. 

Over the last ten years the traditional media’s use of the word “expert” as a qualifying term has diminished its value. On top of that, the fast moving Web3 evolution makes it difficult for many people to really be defined as experts. There are so many moving variables and nuanced sections. Which forces us to look to our “influencers,” the YouTube and Podcast speakers. Who technically could be anyone with a mic and a computer. 

Many of these informational mouthpieces have good intentions, are a part of our daily lives, and are genuinely trying to find and deliver answers to the digital asset masses. And most of them are clearly stating they are not experts. But it is important to remember we should be seeking out those that are sharing their research and working to fully understand our digital ecosystem. When we find those quality thinkers, it will help us all to share their content and findings within our own circle of friends and communities.

This brings us to the project founders and their building teams. These have become our Authorities, even if they are not experts. Which has caused the gap to open for the scams and rugs. Unfortunately, this has been a pervasive issue in crypto. If a team is capable and innovative, or are smooth marketers, then they are also assumed to fall into the expert or authority category. Which is not necessarily the case.

As we mature as a group of online community members, it is important to check in with those around us. We have the ability to elevate the voices that we trust, and we also have the power to muffle those personalities that are not operating in line with the values we know to be important to Web3. As onboarding continues over the next couple of years, we will become the mentors, experts, and authorities within the space. Recognizing this fact will shape how we evolve.

From my experience, we are all trying to find the next protocols for business. And I’m no expert, but as far as I can tell, we are looking for more ways to bring trust back to business by raising transparency, using decentralized thinking, and by attempting to cut out the abuse as we discover it. 

Organized community building and collective self regulation has never been done on such a large scale like we are experimenting with right now in the crypto markets. Do not give up on these kinds of goals. Do not lose faith in our concerted ability to continue to steer this vessel away from the rocks. Where we put our money and our time does affect the path we collectively take. Help each other stay safe, but do not just step back completely from this process.

Even if you have no funds invested, continue to pay attention to those voices that are rising to the top as experts and authorities. What we do over the next six months will affect the future of the digital markets.

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