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NEO Tokyo is a collection of VCs, developers, token founders, and overall BUILDERS who strongly believe crypto gaming and metaverse experiences will take over the world.

We believe something very similar to Ready Player One will occur, and we want to be the community that was investing and building in that future years before it happens.
Mission — What We Believe In

We are aiming to build the crypto gaming illuminati — The Soho House for the future key players in the crypto gaming space.

We believe that uniting the smartest people in this industry in a single networking group will give us a tremendous edge as crypto gaming grows from its current infancy into a global power.

Neo Tokyo is, in short, a networking group for people who want to develop the gaming metaverse. It also is a group that builds utilities that help this goal via applications and tools the community uses and powers with our crypto token $BYTES.

Talent — Citizen-Run Projects

Highlighting the efforts of our citizens

SuperFarmImpostersbytNFAUppticMint Defense

If you want to build in this space and join a community of like-minded gaming / metaverse fanatics...

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